The City of Buffalo approved a law that will help keep dogs safe during extreme weather.

Common Council Member Joel Feroleto proposed the new ordinance that now makes it illegal for people to leave their dogs tied up outside for more than an hour when the temperature goes above 90 or below 32 degrees.

"The Humane Society of the United States applauds the City of Buffalo Common Council and Council Member Joel P. Feroleto for passing this law," said Brian Shapiro, the Humane Society's director in New York. "Buffalo joins the cities of Syracuse and Utica in passing such legislation and we encourage other upstate communities to follow their lead." 

During extreme heat, owners are required to make sure animals have access to water at all times.

Feroleto says the SPCA Serving Erie County approached him about writing this law.

The SPCA has responded to more than 300 calls this year for dogs left outside in harsh weather.

"The SPCA appreciates the City of Buffalo's leadership in helping to protect its community's dogs, understanding their vulnerability in extreme weather conditions," said Gary Willoughby, the organization's president and CEO. "Buffalo was the birthplace of North America's second-oldest Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and this latest protection effort highlights how Buffalo continues to be a wonderful place for people and their pets." 

Fines will start at $250 and increase to $1,000 for a third offense.