BUFFALO, NY- It's a proposal from the Trump Administration that has members of the transgender community fighting for their very existence.

According to the New York Times memo released by the Department of Health and Human Services is calling for narrowing the definition of gender to male and female.  One's gender assigned at birth could only be changed with irrefutable genetic evidence.

"What this memo does is it reverses that interpretation of Title IX and strictly defines gender as begin tied to your sex, specifically xx being female and xy being male. No exceptions, that is obliviously scientifically incorrect," said transgender advocate Alexander Chrissy.

Chrissy, a transgender male, says the move would put him and others transpeople in a gender box that doesn't define who they really are.

"For example in my case I'm a trans-man, I was assigned female at birth, I have two X chromosomes, and I don't think that anybody wants me to still be wearing skirts or going into the ladies room simply because somebody who's never met me, and somebody who doesn't understand the details of my condition says that I have to," said Chrissy.

Advocates say the move also opens the door for discrimination against transgender people.

"What he's trying to do by releasing this statement is get around recent court rulings that have stated transpeople do in fact fall under Title IX. If Title IX doesn't apply to transpeople it means we're completely open to discrimination. Any college or basically any institution located within an educational area can discriminate against a transgender person anyway the deem fits," said Angela Burnham, We Exist Coalition of Buffalo.

Advocates say the purpose of the rally is to call attention to the issue and make sure people understand what's at stake before they head to the polls in less than two weeks.  

"The message here from today's rally it that the transgender community in WNY and their allies are not going to stand for this flat out bigotry that's coming from  Washington and this is a danger to transgender people all over our country," said Bryan Stonewall  Democrats, President Ball.