An attorney well-versed in investigations into the Catholic Church is calling a federal investigation into a handful of diocese “monumental.”

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is now under federal investigation and has subpoenaed.

Seven of eight Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania said they had also received subpoenas, according to a report by CBS on Thursday.

The focus of the investigation is alleged trafficking of minors across state lines for the purpose of sexual abuse.

This comes as local lawmakers continue to call for Bishop Richard Malone to resign and as the new investigator for the diocese begins his tenure.

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo says it received a call from the U.S. Attorney's Office "several months ago," asking to review documents. "A subpoena was provided and after some discussion, an agreement was reached to produce documents. We have heard nothing since early June.  As far as we know, our response has nothing to do with the current Pennsylvania investigation that has just begun."

Mitchell Garabedian, the Boston attorney representing alleged clergy abuse victims in the Queen City, weighed in Friday on the federal investigation against the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

He said the investigation centers around claims of sexual abuse and alleged cover-ups, including the electronic transmission of any explicit photos.

The attorney also suggested that Buffalo Catholics be prepared for a long process ahead.

"It's monumental. You have the United States government, for the very first time that I know of, investigating the Catholic Church,” Garabedian said. “Broad powers, broad legal powers. It can afford financially to investigate. It has the strength to investigate." 

Garabedian has led calls for the diocese to release a full list of priests accused of sexual assault. Earlier this year, Malone released a list including 42 names. Other priests have been identified since that list was published.