BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo’s legendary architecture is the star of a new documentary by University at Buffalo.

"We live in a city of really good bones,” said Robert G. Shibley, dean of UB’s School of Architecture and Planning. “Bones given to us by Frederick Law Olmsted. Bones given to us by Joseph Ellicott when he gave us the radial street plan.”

Buffalo buildings such as the Sullivan and M & T Headquarters are now featured in a 15 minute short documentary called “See It Through Buffalo.”

The documentary is being shown in Venice, Italy at the Time, Space and Existence Exhibit.

The film highlights Buffalo as a city-wide classroom for UB architectural students.

The students are not only learning, but contributing designs.

"The techniques we're using with motion control time-lapse — it's also a new way of seeing Buffalo," said filmmaker John Paget.

“Seeing It Through Buffalo” is accompanied by just a musical score.

Shibley says the school is building on the momentum from the international exposure and plan to release a book about the school’s partnership with the city.

The film will make its stateside debut in New York City and the Queen City in the fall.