The red carpet was rolled out at the New Angola Theater for a special screening of "Incredibles 2." Assemblyman David DiPietro held the free screening for children with autism and he says they should be held more often.

One father says that it's hard for his son to go to normal movie theaters because he doesn't like the loud noises and the dark lights."

But during this screening all that is taken into consideration to make sure kids feel more comfortable.

"They take these movies and they make them autistic friendly, with the lighting, the sound, the way it's all set up yes it's specially done so that this group can enjoy it," said David DiPietro, NYS Assembly 147th District.

He says it's so important for events like these to be available to the community, but they need to happen even more often. And that's why they're already planning another screening, this time in the Town of Warsaw.

"This should be happening all the time and speaking with the owner in Warsaw, they're looking to do this once a month on their own. They're going to use our show as the pilot so to speak and to get that program started," Dipeitro said.

More information and how to sign up for the next screening in August will be released soon on Assemblyman DiPietro's Facebook page.