BUFFALO, N.Y. — The NFTA's Allen-Medical Campus station got a facelift, and now gets plenty of foot traffic since it was included for the design of UB's new downtown medical school.

"Artwork, transportation, access to UB Medical Campus, it really combines so many objectives in one beautiful station," said NFTA Spokesperson Helen Tederous. 

Now the NFTA is looking for similar partnerships to revamp the other stations along its metro route.

"We're opening up to a lot of ideas, restaurants, mixed-use. Office space, apartments, we're keeping an open eye and the developers in this area are really creative," said Tederous. 

NFTA is teaming with McGuire Development Company to recruit developers for ideas for mixed-use facilities for all of its below-ground stations as well as the Metro Police Station and NFTA headquarters on Ellicott Street.

The agency would keep ownership of the property, and would lease the land to developers.

It's a practice used in cities across the country and officials believe the idea could help revitalize different areas of the city.

"When you think about it, it makes so much sense to have critical mass with transportation working together. It's really an interesting concept," said Tederous.

There's no one specific idea in mind, but the NFTA believes a station like the DL&W could be a popular pitch for developers considering its proximity to Canalside, but any plans are dependent on what developers bring to the table.

"We'd like to do it sooner than later but at this time we're really waiting to see the proposals come in before we set any benchmarks," said Tederous.