TONAWANDA, N.Y. — When Isabelle Vladoui came to New York three years ago, she was focused on earning her master's degree in human rights law.

In her short time here, she's done so much more. 

Through her studies she noticed something she finds alarming and found a way to make a change.

"I noticed that not a lot people know the definition of human rights," Vladoui said.

Beginning with an event to mark International Women's Day for UB students and staff, Vladoui was selected for a trip to the International Human Rights Summit as the USA Youth Delegate at the United Nations. That was back in 2016.

"I found out about Youth for Human Rights International and all about the work they do around the world,” including here in Buffalo, she said.

Enter Chris Latham, coordinator for Youth for Human Rights International.

"What we did is we take each one of those human rights and it's broken down into a one minute PSA that's youth oriented," Latham explained.

The curriculum the group developed is free for anyone. Latham and Vladoui have worked together for two years now, continuing former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's efforts to teach children their human rights. Once they learn, Latham says is noticeable and almost immediate. 

"What happens is they say, ‘I have the right to privacy, I have the right to privacy, I have the right to my own things, I have the right to not be tortured or bullied,’ and then they realize so does that other person," Latham recalled.

Their efforts aren't going unnoticed. Especially for Vladoui, who proudly wears a gold medal around her neck.  It's the President’s Volunteer Service Award. It represents her completion of 500 hours of service over the course of just a year. Vladoui hopes it will inspire younger generations to join their ranks, spreading the message of peace, intolerance and love.

Anyone looking for more information on the Buffalo Chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, or to get involved, contact Vladoui at