Victims' advocates came together Monday to call on the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo to release all documents on clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse.

"62, 64, 68, how many other priests and deacons in the Diocese of Buffalo? Reveal it all or resign. And perhaps the latter is the most appropriate because he doesn't seem to be able to reveal," said Robert Hoatson, Ph.D., Road to Recovery, Inc. co-founder and president.

Back in March, the Diocese released a list of 42 names of Diocesan priests who were removed from ministry, retired or left after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. That list also included deceased priests with more than one allegation against them.

Those who work with abuse victims say they know of at least 64 publicly accused priests and many more from victims who have only shared their stories privately.

"Those files will give us the information that we need to help victims heal and gain a degree of closure," said Hoatson.

The latest priest to be publicly accused, Fabian Maryanski, was not on that list of 42 names. The Diocese confirms there was an investigation in 1995, which is now being reopened. A Diocese spokesperson says Maryanski has been placed on administrative leave.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Bishop Richard Malone said these incidents predate his time as bishop and he remains committed to properly handling abuse claims and protecting children.