The future looks bright for young innovators at the Western New York Invention Convention.

Mason Herington, a sixth grader from Buffalo's Fredrick Law Olmsted School, was one of the big winners Sunday at the Buffalo Science Museum.

He entered his all-terrain walking cane to compete against inventions by more than 120 other local students.

The program is meant to get students interested in math and science.

"I like the feeling of helping people and helping the environment sometimes,” Mason said. “My invention is a cane that is spring loaded in the legs. So, it can go in and out and adjust to all terrains. It can help the person get more active maybe."

The judges were impressed.

Mason won "Inventor of the Year" for grades five through eight.

Other winners include:

Inventor of the Year (Grades K-4)

Amanda Lovell (Grade 4) from Smallwood Dive School for the “Fire Box” reusable pizza box

People’s Choice Award

Rebecca Higgins (Grade 7) from Akron Middle School for the “Lazy Laser” pet toy

Director’s Choice Award

Karter Baker (Grade 5) from BPS 156 Fredrick Law Olmsted for the “Heat Feet” sock-based foot warmer