SNYDER, N.Y. — As the investigation into alleged sexual abuse at Park School in Snyder is underway, we're checking in to see where the Child Victims Act stands in Albany. 

Right now, the state assembly and Gov. Cuomo have the legislation in their respective budget proposals. But state Sen. Tim Kennedy says Republicans in his house aren't in support. 

The Child Victims Act would eliminate the statute of limitations to prosecute childhood sex abuse allegations. Right now, after the age of 23, a victim has no recourse. 

So allegations that four teachers may have abused high school students in the 70s and 80s have left prosecutors with their hands tied. 

"It's absolutely wrong, it has to be changed. We are dead-set on making that change in the state of New York. Getting the Child Victims Act passed, getting justice for these survivors,” said Kennedy.

With just a few weeks left in the legislative session, Kennedy is calling on Western New Yorkers to call their legislators and push for the act to pass. 

And in the meantime, concerned Park School alumni are being urged to come forward.