BUFFALO, NY – If you’ve considered going to small claims court to recover money from your landlord –- a new series sponsored the Western New York Law Center could help.

Lessons in the series prepare tenants with knowledge of their rights and how small claims court works.

“Small claims court is meant to be kind of the people's court, where you can go in and file,” said Staff Attorney, Pam Lanich. “It's not meant to be a difficult process.”

Still, Lanich says there are many who don’t know where to begin the process of taking their landlord to court.

The Western New York Law Center says they see many cases in which tenant’s security deposits are unreturned with no explanation.

Thursday during their small claims court class, they offered legal advice and encouraged tenants to be vigilant in reclaiming their security deposit.

"It can be intimidating because some of the landlords might be represented by an attorney or professional attorney and a regular person might feel they can't handle it on their own," said Lanich

In addition to landlords being out of the city – WNY Law Center has seen increased barriers for non-english speakers.

Spanish and Burmese translators were on hand to assist guests at their class.