The clock is ticking: the deadline to file your taxes is April 17.

The IRS estimates that 20-25 percent of people wait until the last two weeks to file their taxes each year.

IRS certified volunteers will prepare and file income taxes for free for people making $54,000 a year or less through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

And if you make up to $66,000, you can still qualify for free filing from

"That $400 or $200 that they pay to get their tax returns done could've went into their savings account, so it's vitally important to have a service like this," said Desiree Radford, who is an Economic Development Corps. member, specializing in financial literacy.

Experts say it's also not too late to reduce your taxable income.

"People can still even make contributions to an individual retirement account or if they have a high deductible health savings arrangement, maybe opening up a health savings account, so they can still save themselves some taxes up until the time of April 17," said Joe Winter, a CPA and Niagara University assistant accounting professor. 

Financial literacy experts say tax time is a good opportunity to think about your financial future.

"If you are getting a refund, think of what some opportunities are for saving that refund or investing that refund," said Winter.

Click here for a full list of free filing locations in Western New York. Make sure you bring all your tax forms, as well as your photo ID and social security card.

If you still need more time, you must fill out the 4868 form from the IRS.