BUFFALO, N.Y. — The sky was a brilliant blue over St. Joseph Cathedral but a dark cloud still lingered over the Catholic Church this Easter. 

The Diocese of Buffalo recently released a list of 42 priests accused of sexual abuse. 

While the church is struggling to deal with the issue, another has been raised: whether priests should be allowed to marry.         

"They understand marriages better. So you know this confessional stuff, you can confess anything you want. You can confess the problems in your home, but if he is not living it then he can't understand it," said St. Joseph's parishioner Oksana Mychaskiw.

It might not be that easy. While many experts say there is no connection between celibacy required by priesthood and sex abuse or pedophilia, some argue it may be a contributing factor in some of the cases in the Catholic Church.

Many traditionalists oppose allowing priest to marry,  but some feel it could create a healthier environment in the priesthood,  increase the clergy, and attract more parishioners.

"I kind lean that way, but I guess some people who are living otherwise good lives still do bad things. So, I'm not really sure what the statistics of it would be but I do lean towards that, thinking it might help

a little," said Michael Naples.

"That would be against all the principles of the Church. Part of the sacrifice is going without," said Todd Dixon, another parishioner.

While only a small percentage of priests actually commit these crimes, the Catholic Church has come under fire for being slow to act to address the issue. 

As to whether allowing priest to marry may be some small part of the solution it'll be up to the Vatican to make that decision.