BUFFALO, N.Y. — Taking the time to see things in a new light — that's the purpose of IMAGINE Walks.

On the first Sunday of the month from March to November, a group gathers for a peaceful, reflective time. 

The walk lasts around 30 to 45 minutes and takes place at one of three locations: Hoyt Lake, Mirror Lake or Scajaquada Creek.

The intention of the walk is to put distractions aside," said Dennis Galucki, the founder of the Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History and Nature (C-SAAHN). "No devices and no talking and at least just spend 30 to 45 minutes seeing, thinking, reflecting."

C-SAAHN sponsors the event, along with Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.

After the walk, individuals can share their views, discussing what they may have seen differently than others.

"One of the fellows today mentioned this idea of the spiritual side," Galucki said. "When he was younger, this was a great place to play ball and have fun and suddenly at the age he's at right now it's time to reflect in a more meaningful way when you walk in a park and see part of history. This is really about history when you walk in Delaware Park, a lot of monuments of people."

While taking in and appreciating that history, they also look toward the future.

"I think we have to imagine the world we want to live in," Galucki said. "Part of the exercise is to see a different side of that world, the quiet side, the reflective side, the spiritual side as well as the physical side."​