The controversial plans for a library and community center in West Seneca will move forward.

During a town board meeting Monday night, the board voted to move forward with the project but it will require an additional $2 million in funding.

This is the latest development in the longstanding debate over the center. Last month, spending was stopped after the board took out an additional $5.1 million bond on the project.

Residents created a petition to temporarily stop funding the construction until the board could conduct a comprehensive review.

The board now says it will still need to borrow more money to complete the project, but they’re estimating $2 million, not $5 million.

That still isn’t sitting well with residents, who asked why the board was agreeing to pay more for a project that the developer had signed a contract to complete.

The project was initially estimated to cost an estimated $14 million to build and was supposed to be finished by the end of May. The board now says the project will be completed by the end of June.