BUFFALO, N.Y — Family, friends and members of the LGBTQ community continue to advocate for justice for Tonya 'Kita' Harvey.

The 35-year-old was found shot on Shepard Street on February 6. 

"As a mother to lose your child in any incident is heart breaking, but to lose your child to murder — it's like unbareable," said Arnester Harvey, Tonya's mother.

Harvey said her pain is compounded by the possibility that her transgender daughter's death was a hate crime.

"I believe it was a hate crime," said Harvey. "I believe she was targeted for who she was and her lifestyle."

The police investigation is ongoing. 

No one has been arrested, but friends and family say they believe somebody knows something and should come forward.

In a recent statement, the Erie County District Attorney's Office says they are extremely concerned about spike in homicides of transgender people across the country and that the investigation will explore whether her death is a hate crime.