Wednesday was a harrowing day for drivers after a wintry blast blew through Western New York.

Dozens of accidents were reported during the morning rush hour.

Also, some of the major roads were either at a standstill or slower than normal due to the weather and poor road conditions. 

New York State Police say the biggest mistake many drivers make when the road conditions deteriorate is driving too fast.

"Speed is the biggest factor here. You need to slow down, make sure you're only driving at a speed in which you can control your vehicle. If that means you need to drive less than 20 miles an hour depending on what kind of road conditions you’re on, then drive less than 20 miles an hour,” said Trooper James O'Callaghan.

Troopers also say to make sure the snow is cleared from the vehicle, especially the windows, mirrors and lights. It helps improve visibility and lets other drivers see each other.