After six weeks of testimony from more than 70 witnesses, Thomas Clayton has been found guilty of murder. Clayton hired another man to kill his wife, Kelley, in 2015. Tina Yazdani has more.

BATH, N.Y. -- For the first time since Kelley Clayton was brutally murdered, the tears being shed by her family are those of relief. 

"I told my sister from the night she was murdered that we would not stop fighting for her, would not stop fighting for justice for her," said Kim Bourgeois, Kelley's sister.

There is finally justice for the family after Thomas Clayton was found guilty of hiring Michael Beard to kill his wife in September 2015. Beard was convicted last October, and the family has been waiting in anticipation to see Clayton behind bars as well.

"Justice for my daughter .. it's been.. it's just been a long haul," said Liz Stage, Kelley's mother.

The investigation into the twisted murder-for-hire scheme took thousands of hours, and after six full weeks of trial, the jury reached its verdict in just six hours. 

"That was a quick verdict. We're surprised, but delighted," said Chemung County District Attorney Weeden Wetmore. "Ecstatic. Relieved it's over; it's about almost a year and a half that we've been working on this case."

"There was a heinous murder a little over a year ago, where two young children lost their mom, and the three folks that conspired to make that happen are now in jail. It's a good day for justice," said Steuben County Sheriff James Allard.

But the fact that the jury took less than a day to deliberate has Clayton's lawyer calling this a miscarriage of justice.

"It's not over. Mr. Clayton is adamant he's not guilty of these offenses," said defense attorney Ray Schlather. "He did not kill his wife; he didn't hire anybody to kill his wife; he's taken the polygraph; he's passed the polygraph. So we will continue fighting to establish his innocence."

But for the family, they are thankful this chapter is over, and hope to now focus on celebrating Kelley's life and keeping her memory alive for her children.

"She was beautiful, bright -- she still is bright, the sun is out right now -- and she is here. And she will always be with Charlie and Cullen," said Bourgeois.

Clayton was taken into custody immediately. He will be sentenced in May. But his attorney says to expect an appeal.