State Police say 43-year-old Michael Orchard was high on acid and prescription cough medicine when he drove his car into his next door neighbor’s home on Inglewood Drive in Halfmoon on Thursday night. 

"At no time did he enter the roadway and no drugs were found in his possession," said Trooper Mark Ceipel.

State Police say Orchard travelled just feet in his car, driving from his property into his neighbor’s fence, smashing their rear door, and taking their dog. 

"Troopers found an individual standing in the middle of the roadway with a large white dog," Ceipel said.

He voluntarily handed the dog over. State Police say Orchard told them he believed the home was on fire and was trying to rescue his neighbor’s dog. The animal was not hurt.

Orchard was arrested and taken to the Saratoga County Jail. He faces charges including burglary. 

Several hours before the crash, neighbors say Orchard was going door to door asking if there was a fire.

TWC News spoke with a man who says Ochard came to the home he was working in. He says Orchard seemed nervous and disoriented. When Orchard asked to show him the fire, he and his coworkers ran outside.

Orchard is due back in court on October 28.