LETCHWORTH STATE PARK -- A black timber rattlesnake was spotted this week at the south end of Letchworth State Park; a reminder that it's still pretty wild along the trails and gorges of one of New York's natural wonders.

Ken Wallace, who has hiked the park for decades, spotted the poisonous snake along a roadside.

"I saw something in the road which appeared to be a stick, in the distance," Wallace said. "When I approached him he was like, 'What are you? Who are you? What are your intentions?'"

With great care, Wallace used his trusty hiking stick to move the rattlesnake along.

According to Department of Environmental Conservation, there are two species of rattlesnake in New York state. Both the black timber and golden rattler are on the state's threatened species list, and Wallace said he saw a golden rattlesnake in the park just last year.