WARRENSBURG, N.Y. -- An effort to spread patriotism across all 50 states led to a facelift for one North Country building this week.

All it took was a little blood, sweat and tears, along with 60 gallons of paint. It is a task Scott LoBaido has completed over and over.

"If this is the 5,000th flag I have painted. It's the same as the first one," LoBaido said Tuesday.

The Staten Island native has devoted the past 25 years to painting what he believes is the greatest work of art ever created: the American Flag.

"This is my calling, here is what I am supposed to do,” he said. “"A great work of art, a masterpiece, provokes emotion and there is no other work of art that provides such emotion worldwide."

Since February, LoBaido has criss-crossed the country on a singular mission. Stopping at one veterans services building in each of the 50 states, he leaves behind one mural depicting Old Glory.

"I just drive in, I paint it and I'm gone," LoBaido said. "I have completed 33, this is my 34th stop."

After spending many childhood summers on Lake George, LoBaido chose Warrensburg's VFW Post 4821 as the site of his New York canvas.

"It's totally awesome. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it,” said Daniel Steeg, a U.S. Army veteran and the local VFW post commander. “It is a great honor to have him come here."

"This puts us on the map," said Ray Hensler, an Army vet and Warrensburg’s former American Legion commander.

In 2006, the now 50-year-old LoBaido completed a similar cross-country project, painting murals on rooftops. Last fall at a Guilderland bowling alley, his passion manifested itself in a tribute to Major General Harold Greene, a local soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Taking Monday and Tuesday to complete his latest masterpiece, LoBaido's goal this time around is no different from his prior stops.

"I get paid when a veteran is so happy that this crazy, creative civilian just said 'thank you' in this big giant way," he said.

By honoring the country he loves and the men and women who fight and die for it, LoBaido hopes his art will help spread his patriotic spirit from sea to shining sea.

“It's great, even when it is tough, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but on this ground,” he said.

LoBaido aims to complete the cross-country project by late August. To follow his journey, visit his personal website.