ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Family and friends are remembering the city's latest homicide victim. They tell us his name is Kevin Holley. Their vigil Sunday night was not too far from the scene on Jefferson where the double shooting took place.

Family says Holley’s mom had to be taken away from the vigil by medical personnel because she was so heartbroken by the loss of her son. 

Holley was her oldest son and affectionately known as “Squeaky.”

His family says he had two sisters and brother who all looked at him as a father figure.

His cousins say Holley was an Edison High School graduate where he was a standout athlete.

They described him as giving and willing to help anyone he could, which is why they’re so surprised why someone would want to take his life. 

“You can see all the love out here. Everybody loved him, everybody. This was a terrible loss to the community," said Cheree Young, family friend of Holley.

"Despite whatever lifestyle we live, ain’t any of us perfect, but God? Squeaky was a good person,” said Barbara Hughes, Holley's cousin.  

Holley, not only meant a lot to his family, he also touched many in the community.

Well over a 100 people attended Sunday’s vigil, some leaving balloons, candles, and flowers in his honor.

Holley’s family says his death is hard to come to grips with and this will be difficult to get through. 

Meanwhile they’re trying to stay strong for his mother and siblings as he was at the center of that family.