BUFFALO, NY- They're really out in the open, walking up and down the street. So by the time I get from Ferry to Forest you see maybe about 20 transactions of that," said Howard Wilbon.


Howard Wilbon says Grant Street has become the city's latest hot spot for what some call  "the worlds’ oldest profession".


 "I'm 40 years old and I've been in Buffalo for a long time and I've seen a lot of prostitution all over Buffalo and this has been actually the most I've ever seen since I've been here," said Wilbon.  


In response to the increase in prostitution on Grant these flyers has popped up on utility poles up and down the street. They read, "Attention Johns: You are being watched".


"We're starting to see a spike in the number of prostitutes walking up and down the street. It's unfortunate, it's coming at a time when we're starting to see a resurgence on Grant Street - new businesses opening up, people investing money, residents moving back into the neighborhood," said David Rivera, (D) Niagara District Councilmember.


Niagara District Councilmember David Rivera says prostitution has always been a problem in different parts of the city. He see's the recent spike on Grant Street as a product of many young Women supporting drug habits through prostitution.


"We're working with the Buffalo Department, residents, and the business community to deal with this. We want people to know if you're gonna come out and loiter for the purpose of  prostitution or drugs that you're gonna be arrested and we want the police Department to be very vigilant and very aggressive," said Rivera.


That's something Wilbon says he'd like to see more of.


"You see the signs posted up saying, "John we're watching"  but I don't see nobody watching. All I see is them strolling up and down the street," said Wilbon.