Former Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins spoke out Friday, after a state Supreme Court judge ruled to remove him from office. Jackson Wang has the details.

MONTICELLO, N.Y. --  Embattled and now ousted Mayor Gordon Jenkins held a news conference Friday with his attorney in response to a higher court's decision to remove him from office.

"If I did something, I would go to jail for it and I would take my punishment for it," said Jenkins.

Gordon Jenkins was emotional at times during a press conference on Friday.

"It's crazy and the next person will never, there will never be an African American mayor elected official that would even get involved in that village because they're all afraid," said Jenkins.

Jenkins' attorney Michael Sussman said he's disappointed in the appellate court’s decision.

He said the ruling focused too much on allegations of Jenkins threatening to not fund the police department, which Sussman said Jenkins wasn't even in charge of at the time.

"This is a ridiculous finding," Sussman said.

Sussman also said the case of the demolition of the old courthouse in Monticello shouldn't have been in the ruling since it is a pending matter. 

"These criminal charges and is using them as essential predicate removing Mr. Jenkins as mayor. I believe that is entirely inappropriate," Sussman said.

Sussman said Jenkins will appeal the ruling as they seek for injunction from the state court of appeals. 

"If I’m gone, think the village will drastically be hurt about me leaving and helping because I do share what I have," Jenkins said.

Now Sussman said he hopes to hear back from the state court of appeals in a week, hoping a stay will be granted.

The Village Board will meet next Tuesday to pick an interim mayor.

Watch former Mayor Jenkins' full news conference here.