A local man is helping others feel empowered

Duncan Kirkwood held a workshop on his book Rerouting: Resilience Tools and Tactics.

The book was released in March and has already sold nearly 1,000 copies.

Friday's workshop was all about overcoming setbacks and achieving your dreams even in the midst of a pandemic.

The theme of bouncing back is clear across the book's pages, including its title.

"We tell people to live your life like a GPS, when your GPS goes off course, it doesn't break down, it doesn't start crying, it doesn't go into a depression. If there's a roadblock or a wrong turn it just says rerouting. And as long as you're willing to move forward, it's gonna keep navigating to get you to your destination. I want people to live their live with that same energy, where no matter what happens, I'm still moving forward. I'm still gonna keep charting the course to be successful," said Kirkwood. 

To find out more about Kirkwood's book, click here