BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Buffalo-based goatscaping operation is planning to expand into an animal sanctuary and care farm after receiving thousands of dollars in donations.

Let’s Goat Buffalo is a business that brings rescued goats to properties to clear unwanted vegetation via a renovated school bus. The bus caught fire last September. There were no injuries to people or animals but the bus was a total loss. After the community came together to donate a bus and funds to rebuild, founder Jennifer Zeitler said the generosity was a catalyst for bigger things. They acquired a vacant five-acre farm in Springville and plan to make it a non-profit sanctuary.

“Now that we have the farm sanctuary we can open this up and allow more and more people to come and access the goats, the learning, understanding about how they’re interacting with the soil, and being able to get hands-on,” said Zeitler. “The next couple of months things are going to change quite a bit. And we will be having volunteers come in and help us build. Raised beds, vertical harvesting, making sure that the grounds are supportive for people to be able to walk or use assistive devices.”

Zeitler said the farm will launch a pilot program in the fall to invite people of all abilities to participate in activities on the farm and provide feedback.

“We are supporting the animals that need a second chance but you’re also allowing people to come and get healing.”