BUFFALO, N.Y. — A new initiative is drumming up community support for local businesses in Buffalo — one free gift at a time.

Good Neighbors Credit Union and Sweet Buffalo are teaming up with those local businesses with the goal of giving away free items once a week to help them thrive and show off the best that Buffalo has to offer.

Every Friday through August 26, local businesses will give away a free item courtesy of Good Neighbors Credit Union. From sponge candy to milkshakes, popcorn and plants, 50 lucky visitors will enjoy a special treat on the house.

Organizers say it was important they did their part to try and lift the spirits of people in the city after tough times these last few years.

“After the past couple of years that we’ve had in the world, and in Buffalo, we wanted to treat everyone to something nice," said Mary Sullivan, marketing director for Good Neighbors Credit Union. "So we wanted to literally treat everyone to a different product from a different local business and support the local businesses as well, kind of give a warm hug to everybody in Buffalo.”

To see the full list of participating businesses, click here.