BUFFALO, N.Y. — Parents are often hard-pressed to find something fun to do with their kids in the winter.

Throw in a pandemic, and it might feel like you have even fewer options.

However, from now until February, Buffalo Creek Academy is hosting virtual competitions called the Buffy Winter Tournament.

It's a set of virtual competitions happening right now that is meant to sharpen the minds of kids in math, spelling, and more.

It's all happening through Buffalo Creek Academy, which is a new school this year that has been making waves in the education community. 

The Buffy Winter Tournament will test kids' knowledge through a spelling bee, a math olympiad, a geography-bee, strategic thinking in the form of chess, and verbal communication during a debate. The tournaments each test a different skill.

Buffalo Creek Academy Founder and CEO Dr. Chris Manning says he knows parents struggle this time of year to find meaningful ways to keep kids entertained and this can be one option.

"It’s one outlet we can provide for families and kids to have a good time, keep themselves busy, growing smarter and showing off their skills," said Dr. Manning.

The tournaments are open to kids in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade who go to public schools in both Buffalo and Cheektowaga. Each competition will feature the first-place prize of $500, $250 for second place, and $150 for third place. 

The prize money has been fully sponsored by charitable donations.

Parents can register now until the final day of tournaments, which is February 22. 

You can register here.