BUFFALO, N.Y. — Chants for justice and the resignation of Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard echoed outside the Erie County Holding Center Thursday night.

According to a state report, 27-year-old India Cummings died after a stay in the holding center because of medical neglect. It says the death should have been ruled a homicide.

The New York State Commission of Correction sent the report to Howard late last month.

Cummings went into the Holding Center with a broken arm in February 2016. She was held for 16 days before she was taken to the hospital and pronounced brain dead.

The state's report accuses staff members at the jail of failing to respond to her health needs in a timely fashion.

Rally organizers say the jail needs new administration and the county needs a new sheriff.

“We care about the dignity of people that are locked up, and we know that the conditions here in the holding center are inhumane and undignified, and that that’s not OK," said Josal Diebold, Showing Up for Racial Justice Action. "And I think that’s why people are coming out and just showing their solidarity and being here together.”

Other groups, such as Open Buffalo, are calling for additional changes at the jail.

The group wants a full review of any misconduct by corrections staff and additional mental-illness training for officers.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office declined to comment on the report.