Through snow, rain and wind, one local pastor continues his annual tradition of sleeping on the streets the week of Thanksgiving.

Buffalo Dream Center Pastor Eric Johns embarked on his 21st year of spending his days at soup kitchens, the bus station, parks, and other places in the downtown area where the homeless live.

The nights are usually spent sleeping under an overpass.

It's not only to raise awareness about some of the most marginalized people in the community, but to get donations for their Boxes of Love program — their Christmas campaign to give food to more than 3,000 families and wrapped Christmas presents to 5,000 kids.

For Johns, it's a family affair.

"When I started this 21 years ago, my sons weren't even born, but now they're 15 and 16. They want to take this over for me, which I'm happy to give to them after 21 years. We're going to wait a couple more years. But this year, they're going to spend the night with me every single day. And for at least a couple days, we're going to have three generations here. My father's also out with us. So that's pretty special,” said Pastor Johns.

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