It's been talked about for a couple of months, but some progress is starting to be made on bringing Great Lakes cruise ships to Buffalo.

New York state is looking at the possibility, which would bring tourists into the city and up to nearby Niagara Falls.

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation held a public meeting sharing details on a study underway to look at the logistics, costs and potential economic benefits of having cruises come to Buffalo. An outside firm is reviewing what other cities on the Great Lakes have done, places like Cleveland, Milwaukee, Duluth and Minnesota.

Right now, they’re studying two main potential sites for cruise ships to dock in the city — the DL&W Terminal, which is currently under major renovations near Canalside and KeyBank Center, and the Michigan Pier along the Outer Harbor.

On first impression, Buffalo has what it takes to be a destination point.

"These guests are like many cruise ships, looking for things to do, learn about communities, to have great experiences, see architecture, see natural areas, visit museums, maybe have some great food while they’re here and to have a deep dive on the communities that they’re visiting as part of this cruise," said Scott Lagueux, director of waterfront planning for Moffat & Nichol.

The feasibility study should be finished by the end of this year. The consulting firm says if all comes together, you could start seeing cruise ships make port calls in Buffalo by 2025.