JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Lot X outside of EverBank Field in Jacksonville sure seemed like it was home sweet home for Bills fans on Sunday.

"This is amazing," said Bills fan Matthew Connelly. "Jacksonville has played the Bills down here, and I've been to all the games, and this is unprecedented. It is amazing. This is awesome. I feel like I'm in Buffalo, New York."

"This is a home game for Buffalo today," said Bills fan Justin Kemp. "This is a home game for the Buffalo Bills, and it's well overdue. I am so happy."

Thousands of Buffalo faithful poured into the Sunshine State to see their team in the playoffs for the first time in almost two decades.  It was a sea of red and blue, and the "Shout" song was heard loud and proud — proving once again just how much these fans love their team.

"Spent probably a $1,000, why not?" said Bills Fan Susan O'Rourke.

While the outcome of the game and seeing the season come to an end was certainly disappointing for Bills fans who made the trek here to Jacksonville, many say witnessing thier team end the drought has them excited for the future and hungry for more postseason football to come.

"I think McDermott's doing great, and he's got out team on the right path," said Karen Scrivani, Bills fan. "And I am so happy that the drought is over."

"We're here, our whole city's here, and we're here to stay — Bills Mafia is going nowhere," said Bills fan Rick Scheck. "We may have lost 10-3 today. but that's just one game, and this is the start of a new beginning."

Bills fans are loyal to the core, through playoff droughts, and now playoff heartache.