Preston Brown is down to 244 pounds, the lightest he's weighed since his freshman year at Louisville and about 15 pounds less than a year ago, when his eating habits for an NFL linebacker were questionable, to say the least.

"If it wasn't candy, it was stopping through a drive-thru and getting whatever you want and thinking you're still in college and 'I'll just run it off later' instead of thinking that I need to have water instead of getting juice at the grocery store and doing things differently," said Preston Brown.

Enter Chef Courtney Brown, Preston's new roommate.

"I was like, yeah, we can't ship meals because it would just be a recipe for disaster. I just don't think that would be effective, so when he was explaining to me what his objective was, I was like, I honestly think the best thing that you can do is to literally have a live-in," Courtney said. "This is what I've done for other clients. I think that this would work best for you, and it's worked."

Courtney began cooking for Preston during training camp and has continued into the season, making three meals a day along with a few snacks, some of which she packs for Brown to bring to One Bills Drive.

"A lot of the guys make fun of me with my lunchbox. Shaq Lawson and McCoy and all those guys, they see me with my lunch box and they make fun of me, especially because it has a little Bill on it, but I like it because I know it's making me better, so I enjoy it. I'll take my lunch box each day."

After he brings his lunch box home, it's time for dinner.

"We talk. I ask him about his day. I'll inquire about 'Do you like the food? Do you not like the food?' We both like movies and TV shows," Courtney said.

"It's more of a friendly thing because when I leave, the first time I left I was about to say 'Hey, I'm about to go to the...' just saying because, like you said, that mom kind of thing. You say 'Okay, I'm about to go over here real quick.' But it's like, oh, I'm just leaving. Like I said, it's been great having here and I think our friendship continues to grow each and every day," said Preston.