New York state is set to re-approve licenses for 14 charter schools in New York City by re-issuing so-called "zombie" licenses under an agreement in the $229 billion state budget.

Advocates for charter schools, however, argue this is just the first step in what needs to happen to ensure communities that utilize charter schools actually receive the licenses.

Black, Latinx, Asian Charter Collaborative CEO Miriam Raccah, in a statement released this week, urged that those who are selected to run the new charter schools "are representative of the communities they serve."

Charter school advocates have pointed to many of the schools being utilized by students of color in response to struggling traditional public schools in their communities. Raccah pointed to 2019, the last time new applications were granted approval, when most of charter schools approved by officials at the State University of New York met that criteria, but were put on a waitlist.

If these applicants are still interested, these charters should be reissued immediately," Raccah said. “The idea of racial equity, and building community power, is a nuanced, but important, lens through which to view the charter school issue.  We look forward to continuing to work with the legislature and the governor to cement their intention as we move forward this legislative session.”