Trent Patterson is the definition of motivational.

“I wholeheartedly believe that everybody can get faster, but some key things we must focus on,” said the strength and conditioning coach.

The former Alabama football star has dedicated his life to giving athletes the tools they need for not only now, but for the future.

“At some point, you’re going to have to hang up these cleats and that’s going to be a hard thing, but you have to have habits in place that are going to help you to be able to maintain a certain level of functionality; a certain level of health,” said Patterson.

Patterson learned that lesson himself when his playing days were done. Following the birth of his son, he began a weight loss journey, where he eventually became a contestant on the "Biggest Loser" reality show.

He wound up losing a whopping 135 pounds over the course of the show. It was an experience that inspired him to motivate kids to never stop fighting to be their best.

“We all get knocked down in life, but it’s about getting up, pulling your pants up and going back to work,” said Patterson. “So being able to do that and show that to these guys and all athletes is huge.”

Bill Clark is a close personal friend to Patterson, but you might recognize him for a world record-breaking performance. Clark is a USA Powerlifting World Champion and holds the world record for most license plates ripped in half in one minute.

When he’s not destroying license plates, he’s in the gym, helping kids of all ages learn proper and safe lifting techniques.

“We want to infect kids with a belief in themselves, a belief that they have the capabilities to do a lot of great things in this world, but without the proper teaching of the mental, physical and emotional processes, then their belief just becomes a fantasy," said Clark.

After a trip to the gym, Clark took us to the Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame where he took a minute to reflect on his life’s work. While the two men have achieved so much, they say their greatest accomplishment is being able to give back.

“Whenever you’re given those opportunities, it is important in my belief and so as Trent’s, to hand back to that community. And here, there’s a whole process to this, to becoming your very best and we want to teach the mental, the physical, the emotional processes of doing so,” said Clark.

For Clark and Patterson, this partnership is just the beginning of changing lives one kid at a time.

The two men recently wrote a book titled "Lifting Spirits: World Champion Advice for Everyday Living."

Clark and Patterson also plan to host most camps throughout the summer.