Starting a business is something you don’t expect from a teenager. But one boy in Elmira has created a store based off of something he knows well, viral trends. Marc Williams is a bit different from most teenagers. He spends his spare time running a store in the Arnot Mall.

“Here we give everyone the chance to come to one place to buy all of the popular social media trending products," said Williams, Viral Trends NY owner.

There are lots of different snacks, toys and plushies that are trending on TikTok and other social media apps. So Marc buys them and sells them in his store, Viral Trends NY, and some of the trends might surprise you.

“The item that everyone’s been asking for that we finally have in stock are slime lickers, and brain lickers," said Williams.

While Marc is a 15-year-old entrepreneur, this isn’t his first store; he had a stocking stuffer shop last December, too.

“So that really started it and that’s what made me want to do this store but that store, I’ve just always had an interest in owning my own store," said Williams.

He told me some products he’s ordered are so in demand, it takes months for them to get in stock. One of his future goals for the store is to have a famous TikToker come and have an event where they can meet fans.

“I just go off of what’s trending on TikTok, I watch TikTok myself so it’s pretty easy to keep up with all the trends," said Williams. “I like doing pop-up shops, something that could be here for a month to six months or a month to a year; however long it’s doing well for.”

You can check out the latest selling trends for yourself in Elmira. Viral Trends NY is next to Bath and Body Works in Arnot Mall, Thursdays through Sundays.