We learned Friday afternoon that the Southern Tier is among the five regions now in phase two. But business owners in Watkins Glen are already eager for phase three.

What You Need To Know

  • Southern Tier is one of five regions beginning Phase 2 on Friday afternoon

  • Business owners in Watkins Glen are ready for Phase 3

  • The village earns most of their money in the summer during tourist season

“We’re hanging on by the skin of our teeth right now," said Jeff Tobey, the owner of Tobey’s Donut Shop.

Tobey’s Donut Shop has been selling treats since the 1950s. Tobey, like many business owners, is suffering.

“Seems to be a lot of traffic in town, but nobody out stopping in the shops," said Tobey.

Around the corner on North Franklin Street, Bob Decker is sick of being closed too.

“It’s ridiculous not being open," said Decker, the co-owner of Bleacher’s Sports Bar and Grill. “It’s a lot like family here, it’s a small town, it’s nice that their support is great with the takeout but it’s time to be somewhat back to normal.”

The Mayor of Watkins Glen agrees. Thursday night, before the governor gave the green light for phase two in many regions, he spoke out on Facebook.

“And I want the businesses to know that I stand behind them. I am in support and I understand the pain they’re going through," said Luke Leszyk, Mayor of Watkins Glen.

Watkins Glen relies on their summer rush.

“When the summer season is gone we lose everything. We don’t make it up in the winter. We have one season to make our crop," said Leszyk.

“There have been some tourists in town but it's not much of a tourist town when everything’s shut down ya know," said Tobey.

Tobey says when he tried putting picnic tables outside, the department of health called him within the hour to take them down.

“Clute Park had over 100 people down there sitting at picnic tables so I’m not sure what the rules are here. I don't think its right that they should just target the local businesses and not apply the rules to everybody," said Tobey.

Schulyer County has 13 positive cases, more than 1,400 negative tests, and no deaths.