We all know that unhealthy foods can take a toll on our physical well-being, but it appears the damage doesn't stop there.

Overeating some of those snacks in the cabinet could actually lead to a drop in mood.

Experts say foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats may make you feel good initially, but it wont take long until you feel a crash.

"That drop in blood sugar will cause our serotonin to be depleted from the brain, so people now feel depressed, they dont feel good, they sometimes feel guilty about eating but then they need to boost that mood again so they resort to eating again," said Lina Begdache, Binghamton University assistant professor of health and wellness.

So how do we stop this pattern?

Health and wellness professors say it's all about what you fill your cabinets with.

"If you buy snacks, you're going to eat those snacks. So why don't you include healthy snacks?" Begdache said. "Sometimes when we eat healthy snacks, because of the fiber, the water content in fruits and vegetables are filling."

It's also important to follow a schedule.

That could mean setting times for certain meals, or making sure you aren't eating past a specific hour.

"You're brain gets used to eating at a certain time so you're not feeling hungry at odd times. So you train your brain to be eating at certain times and you should be okay," said Begdache.

But having a schedule doesn't only apply to eating.

It's recommend that you set aside at least a half hour for a home workout, which will help both your physical and mental health.

"Being at home, confined most of the time, has a toll on mental health," Begdache said. "So by excising, you get the stress out and you build those brain chemicals."

The good news: Moderation is key, so experts say as long as you're not eating unhealthy foods all the time, you can indulge here and there.