N-95 masks and surgical masks are at a premium during this pandemic, and Binghamton University is creating to meet that need.


"We can customize the geometry of the flexible mask. We can make it more conformal to the human face," said Fuda Ning, an assistant professor at the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering.

Ning helped design and 3D print face masks and ventilator adapters.

"We can utilize one ventilator to serve two patients," explained Ning.

Faculty has been working with local hospitals, who have serious interest in these resources.

"What's great with working with BU is they consider not only how to functionally do it, but how do you make the adapter something that really keeps the airflow separate between the patients," said Lourdes Hospital CFO Sean Mills.

Professors say they are preparing adapters for Lourdes hospital and UHS. Faculty has also provided hundreds of masks, and thousands of disposable gloves for the hospitals.

"This is what we can do, this is what we want to do. Because as a University we are sitting here and those kind of things are happening in our own back yard. This is our responsibility and this is what we can do, we will do it," said Department Chair Kaiming Ye.

Hospitals could start using resources by the end of the week.