A lot has happened in the last two weeks. Many businesses are closing their doors, but one in particular is receiving more calls than ever.

"I'd say easily 15 to 25% additional calls," said Anna Zaccardo, owner of Living Free.

 Zaccardo owns the Living Free counseling center in Endicott. She and other workers said it isn't just the virus people are anxious about.

"People feel a responsibility, you know, how am I going to care for my business? My employees? People that are sick? Because we have people in these professional positions and they feel that sense of responsibility," explained counselor Jaime Barkwell.

Counselors step into their client's world, encouraging them to become emotionally aware.

"Learning how to talk to yourself in ways that promote growth is challenging, but it's really rewarding," said Zaccardo.

Clients can still get the support they need while staying home.

"The helpful thing about that is we can still meet with people even if we're remote, or doing that by phone, by Zoom, the technology," said Barkwell.

However, these professionals say that same technology needs to have a limit too. 

"So it's just figuring out what you can really take at a pace that you can kind of stay level and use your tools to stay calm. Remind yourself that you know we'll figure it out, we'll pull together," said Zaccardo.

Helping people live free during a worldwide pandemic. If you're in need of counseling services, you can also visit mhast.org.