Catholic Schools across the nation have seen a major decline in recent years. A number of schools in the Syracuse Diocese have shut down or merged due to low attendance, but you might not have known that if you were at Seton Catholic Central Monday.

The high school gym was packed with students, celebrating Catholic Schools Week.

"It's amazing to see our actual community come together. We are Catholic schools. We are community, and this is a great way for us to come together, celebrate our faith, celebrate why we're here every day as a Catholic school," said Seton Catholic Central Principal Matthew Martinkovic.

Just two years ago, Seton entered the year with one of its largest student populations of all time. Principals say weeks like this are crucial in attracting new students.

"I think it's just to keep marketing of what we do every day, the academics, the strong faith, and our strong family community," said Martinkovic.

So why is attendance dropping nationwide? Some believe it's due to affordability.

In the Syracuse Diocese, tuition assistance is offered to low income families, a fact not a lot of parents know about. Students who spoke with Spectrum News say they've benefited from their Catholic education.

"They push their students tremendously year in and year out with everything, from all sorts of subjects and I've just been able to really learn and grow as a person with this Catholic school education," said Seton Catholic Central Senior Dylan Fahs.

Seton Catholic Central accepts students of all religions into its schools.