In years past, seeking help as a veteran in Broome County may have been challenging.

You were often forced to go to several different locations to get the help you needed. But, the former Vestal Hills Country Club will now bring all of those services to one central location.

"When we saw that this resource center was up for sale, we got onto the property, we looked inside the building, we're like, ‘this building has good bones,’” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “This is a beautiful area. This is the place we want to put this resource center.”

The property sits on 80 acres in the town of Binghamton. Early work is already underway on the building. It will soon offer all of the county's core services in house, along with peer to peer counseling, service dog training, and recreational activities.

"There's going to be a lot of diversity, and instead of having a service over here for this particular veteran or going over here for something else, we're going to have things more centralized here," said Broome County Veterans Services Director Brian Vojtisek.

Vojtisek also hope to be able to reach out to the current generation of veterans.

"It's going to give them an incentive to come out here, and I think that's been a problem in getting the younger veterans involved, is they don't really know what's out there and what's available to them," said Vojtisek.

While no date is set in stone, the center is expected to be open sometime next year.