There's a mystery in the town of Clay as to what company is building a distribution center

Taking up 3.7 million square feet, Syracuse professor Patrick Penfield, says is a commitment.

"If there is a distribution center, something of that magnitude, it's going to be something that is going to stay there for at least 10 years I would assume," said Penfield.

The town released plans on its website with layouts for the facility.  It'll be five stories with 200 stalls for tractor trailers and 1,800 employee parking spots.

One of the biggest concerns is traffic bringing roughly 1,300 more trips in the morning.

"If you live in the community, it's absolutely going to interfere with your lives,” Penfield said. “If you don't live in that particular part of town, yes, it's an outstanding project. This is one that you want for 1,000 jobs.”

But there's a plan for traffic. The town will have to redesign roadways.

The facility is expected to have five driveways and a Centro Bus Stop.

"It's a great location because you're very close to the thruway and you can get to the interstate quickly," Penfield said.

Studies predict noise will not be a problem and there will be limited impact on wetlands and water.

"That community is a little difficult in regards to trying to get projects passed, so it wouldn't shock me if there were again some resistance in the community in that area," Penfield said.

Which Penfield said could explain the secrecy. There's been a lot of speculation that Amazon could be coming here, but experts aren't too sure.

"Normally, an Amazon when they build a distribution center, it's between 1 to 1.6 million square feet,” Penfield stated. “It could be a retailer. It could be somebody who is doing maybe some distribution of parts."

For now, we're left wondering.