BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- It's a summer vacation of giving back.

A group of Binghamton teens isn't spending their time-off indoors. Instead, they're coming together to improve their community.

"It's just a thing you don't see now days and that's the impact you want to make. No matter what age you are, or how young you are, you can always help around. There's always work to be done," said Mirnes Husic, Binghamton High School Student.

The group is part of the Liberty Partnerships Program. This week, they spent time building a handicap accessible ramp of a city resident taking care of his fiancé, and his fiancé’s brother.

"They're both in wheelchairs and I needed a ramp to get them up and down because I can’t lift them. I've had several surgeries on my neck and back and everything," said Donald Pecka, Renter.

The teens built the structure from scratch, getting hands on with tools and learning important values.

"While they are learning workforce development skills, they're also learning communication, teamwork. Some of them are also having exposure to hands-on construction work, design," said Autumn Loke, Liberty Partnership Social Worker.

The group hopes projects like this will change the perceptions some may have about the next generation.

"It's really something that's meaningful to them, and knowing they are out here showing the perception that youth care. Youth want to be involved in the community and they want to do positive things," said Loke.

"They do really good work and I'm proud of every one of them and I hope to put a big barbeque on for everybody here," said Pecka.