A neighborhood that is usually safe and quiet experienced a tragedy late Saturday night.

One witness said the Halal Bites was closing when a man started shooting at three men outside the restaurant.

"Never seen any problem like this before," they said.

One of the three died, while the other two ran off. The witness said the business has been there six months, and has never had any trouble, as the Johnson City neighborhood is filled mostly with families and children.

One witness Spectrum News spoke with believes the shooting is a result of racial injustice and a hate crime. 

"I was shocked, very surprised, especially in this neighborhood. Most people live here are elderly or retired from workplaces. I have a father who also lived with me who lives in a nursing home now, recovering from a stroke. But I'm shocked," said local resident Anouson Nakhanthy.

Detectives are looking for at least one suspect, but they said the person was wearing a mask at the time, so the description is limited.

If you have any information on this investigation, call Johnson City detectives at 607-729-9321.