JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. -- The future of health sciences across our region could soon run through Binghamton University.

In just its second semester, the School of Pharmacy houses nearly 150 graduate students from across the country.

The school's dean says that number will grow.

"There is something that is special about it and our students recognize that and we're able to attract students because they realize they're going to get a very high quality education," said Gloria Meredith, BU Pharmacy School Founding Dean.

With students from several different health sciences programs now meeting at one central location, the idea of collaboration is becoming especially important.

"The healthcare team of the future is going to be composed of, and already is in many places, different professions contributing, because that's where the answer is improving our healthcare in this country," said Meredith.

As dozens of BU students enter Johnson City for the first time, the village is preparing for a resurgence.

"There are investors who are investing in some of the properties and will be renewing them and improving them for students housing, maybe for other kinds of shops and other things. I would love to see the village of Johnson City come back again," said Meredith.

Lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul toured the building Tuesday.

She says investing in healthcare programs locally will be a big boost for the region.

"A lot of jobs were lost here over decades and we're reversing that trend and making sure this is a hub for research and development in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries," said Kathy Hochul, (D) Lieutenant Governor.

The nearby Decker School of Nursing will open its doors next year.