BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- He's spent the last four years of his life behind the bars of a state prison. Now, he has the chance to be a free man.

Aaron Powell was found guilty back in 2014 of killing his estranged wife Christina Powell and her friend, Mario Masciarelli. During the trial, prosecutors said he stalked the two, prior to killing them in a town of Binghamton home.

But, in August of 2017, that conviction was overturned when Powell won his appeal.

Issues arose relating to a conflict of interest with one of the jurors in the 2013 trial.The un-named juror's law firm was involved in a custody dispute between Powell and his wife over their son. This fact had been brought up by the individual, but attorneys on both sides did not seek a replacement.

Monday, dozens of people were brought to Broome County Court for jury selection. Because of the attention the first trial received, finding jurors could prove to be a challenge.

Some are expecting jury selection to last the entire week.

Due to yet another conflict of interest, the district attorney's office will not be prosecuting the case.

Two ADA's represented Powell in their private practices in a Surrogate Court action involving Christina Powell. Powell is now represented by Bruce Barket, the same man who served the defense attorney for Cal Harris when he was found not-guilty.

His original trial lasted just two weeks, but the re-trial is expected to last at least a month and a half.

Powell sat out his entire trial in 2014 but is expected to be in the courtroom this time around.