After all the debating, mudslinging, and finger pointing in the 22nd district campaign, there was one final day for the candidates to make an impression. Claudia Tenney made her final appeal to voters, with a little help from the president's family.

The rush on Election Day eve has people filing through the doors at the Beeches in Rome. Grabbing their Claudia Tenney paraphernalia and getting ready to see this guy, Donald Trump Jr.

The president’s eldest son Donald Jr. visited the 22nd Congressional District campaigning for Tenney.

“I leave my business to be able to do this for weeks on end you guys could spend 24 hours devote yourselves to bring your friends to make a few phone calls to make sure everyone shows up,” Trump Jr. said.

Trumps message is simple. If you vote anything but Tenney, you will be voting against his father.

“Between the economic wins between the foreign policy wins what does the other side what to do – they want to reverse all of it,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump noted the booming economy and stood up for Medicare and social security protection, which are all the same viewpoints that Tenney has.

Tenney excited for the polls to open – let her constituents know where their vote is going.

“I’m somehow going to take your Social Security and Medicare away? Let me tell you something, I have been working since I had been 16. I have been paying into Social Security since I was 16 years old. There’s no one that wants to keep Medicare and Social Security more whole than I do,” Tenney said.

The visit was the latest in a long list of Trump family members and top Washington Republicans who have visited the region in recent weeks. The president and his son Eric have both come to the region. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also just in Upstate New York.

Tenney is being challenged by Democrat Anthony Brindisi for the 22nd Congressional District seat. He released a statement saying:

"While Claudia Tenney is holding another closed campaign event, I'll be touring the district visiting five counties, meeting with the people I hope to represent, and making the case that I'll be an independent voice working for them."

Though he isn't coming again in person, President Trump also tweeted out his support for Claudia Tenney.