A state assemblyman who represents part of Steuben County is facing federal charges.

Prosecutors say Assemblyman Joseph Errigo accepted a bribe in exchange for introducing legislation.

In late March, prosecutors say Errigo proposed a bill relating to zoning incentives or bonuses that would have had a direct impact on a project in the Rochester area. The legislation did not pass.

In total, prosecutors say Errigo received $5,500 for proposing the bill. He's charged with bribery and wire fraud.

"The message today is that the legislative process should not be up for sale to the highest bidder,” said attorney James Kennedy Jr. “By misusing his elected office to line his pockets, Legislator Errigo has, as alleged in the criminal complaint, undermined the integrity of our legislative process and abused the public's trust."

“My client has a right to a fair trial and fair process,” said defense attorney Joseph Damelio. “Many times you hear on the radio, television, social media that we have to hold these people to higher standards. Well, that’s not what the law says. The law treats my client like any person.”

Errigo lost the republican primary for the 133 District seat last month but remains on the ballot on the Independence and Reform Party lines.