UTICA, N.Y. -- There are many moving parts to the Boilermaker, the runners are just one part of it.

With the help of more than 4,000 volunteers, multiple law enforcement agencies, and the list goes on, there's a lot of work behind the scenes that makes it all possible.

"From start to finish, the post-race party, fly-over was timed just perfectly. Everybody had a great time. I didn't hear anybody grumbling about anything," said Boilermaker Race Director Jim Stasaitis.

Stasaitis said from the starting line to the post-race party, it was a great day.

In the 15K, only 36 people didn't finish out of more than 11,500 racers.

Only three people didn't finish the 5K.

"We did have a couple of the invited runners who did not go to the starting line in the morning because of developments between Saturday night and Sunday morning physically, they had physical problems. They were both U.S. athletes so that was unfortunate," said Boilermaker Elite Runner Director Dick Mattia.

Dr. John DeTraglia, the Boilermaker medical director, said everything worked out on their end too. There were more medical volunteers this year than in the last five. 

DeTraglia added that more 5K runners needed to be treated this year than last year.

"We need to train for the 15K even though you might be running the 5K because we did notice that some people, some of the runners suffered from probably not training enough," said DeTraglia.

Overall though, Boilermaker President Mark Donovan said it was another fulfilling event. This was his first year as president.

"It can't get done without everybody, and I think everybody did an outstanding job," said Donovan.